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The mello tribe

Building a work culture where everyone can be themselves.

Express once on ideas and giving an opportunity to grow, and giving you the credits you deserve!

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Effort based reward

A bonus over salary pay grade system where you are rewarded as per effort regardless of your position in the company, may be intern or the boss, anyone can lead and express!

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Opportunity to express

Have an idea but hesitant to express? mello is the kind of place where we need people like you, with passion to chase one's own ideas over just doing what we tell you!

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About our HR culture

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It’s almost the next century and we are still following a traditional work culture where we are forced to follow a system and never to express oneself.

mello is what you would call the opposite of that, we believe the place where you work should be a second home and have the freedom to be unique in ones own way! So, join and show us what you made of!

What can you do with us?

Opportunities at mello


Get that reach and leads businesses are looking for.


Getting those amazing and cool looking designs out there.


Getting those projects out in the right time with best quality.



Mastering the Search engine game and staying relevant.


Creating amazing story telling videos and corporate videos.


Animation must simply be the best way to express.


Finding the right people for the services we provide.


Play the game of chess in business and stay ahead.

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Another tip

Work at a place, where you are really valued!

It's easy to find a job with amazing pay scale if you performed at the interview!

But is that all? Is that all you are about? Your work should be a place where you can actually put your skill into making a change, which is what really fuels your passion. Makes you want to lead, BE A LEADER!

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